What do I do First In My Decorating Plan?

     Happy Friday. I have to say that I am changing things up a bit. I decided to feature a Pinterest photo and discuss some decorating ‘how to’ info. Someone recently asked me a question, and it is one that I have heard before. So I decided to share this with you.

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     People ask me all the time about what the order of decorating is. For example, if they are redoing their home with new flooring, paint and window treatments they will want to know if they should paint first or lay the flooring first, and should they select the fabric for the drapes first, or the paint? Well, there is a standard order to follow that works very well.

1. The flooring is ideally the first thing to start with. There are a few reasons for this:

First, the flooring is likely the most expensive item, and therefore the most permanent.

Second, it grounds everything and so, is very important.

Third, flooring is often chosen for practicality or the way we live, for example, if someone has mobility issues they may not want carpeting, or if they have a dog they may not want hardwood. This being the case, it needs to be decided on before the fun stuff.

On top of all this, installing flooring is a big, messy and disruptive process. It should be done first so we aren’t worried about the walls being scuffed or the window treatments getting dusty and soiled.

I include carpeting or area rugs in this category. Of course there isn’t an installation issue, but the other reasons apply. It is much, much easier to match paint colours and fabric swatches to a rug than it is to match a carpet to everything else in the room. We start with the area rugs, get ones that we love, and let them influence our other selections. It is best though to have an idea or vision of what you want the space to look and feel like before selecting the floor coverings. This is very important, and you can see why it is a good thing to have professional help, unless you know what you want, and know how to achieve it. This is what should happen, but I know from experience that we often have furnishings that we don’t want to change, and yet we want an area rug that we just couldn’t afford before. You can find the right one, but it is much more difficult and limiting.

2. The second item to take care of on your decorating plan should be furniture, if you are getting new furniture, and then window treatments. It is a good idea to get fairly neutral furniture fabrics, since furniture is also something that you won’t change as often as say, paint and accessories. You can add colour, pattern and character through cushion fabrics and throws. There are always exceptions for feature pieces that are important to the design. Drapery fabrics can be anything you want them to be, and there are thousands of fabrics to choose from.

3. The last selection, (before accessories of course) is the paint or wall treatments. That’s because you have unlimited choices. You can match to whatever you have fairly easily. And a good painter will not get paint on anything he’s not suppose to. I should note that, although the window treatments have been selected, they should not be installed before painting (or they will have to be taken down again).

I hope this makes the decorating process seem a little less overwhelming. It does re-inforce that it takes alot of planning and knowledge to get a well designed space. Each of these elements could be a blog in itself quite easily. Maybe I will be inspired to do that in the next few weeks.


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