The Reno Progresses

We have some colour !

Hello Everyone who Enjoys design!

In January I blogged about my new beginnings. I also put it on Instagram. This month I’m going to show you how far the reno has come. I know there is still a long way to go but, really, the time consuming part is finished. The splotches on the wall are because I thought the colour might be a little too dark. I decided that the darker colour made my tile look great, so I’m keeping it. One of my favorite items in the bathroom is the pendant light over the tub. The bottom half is frosted and it is a soft bluish green colour. I got it through Houzz.

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These lights would light up an air strip

I ordered the vanity from Wayfair. It was the only way for me to get a vanity without the counter top attached, without going custom (which I didn’t really have time for). And I do like the style. I have to admit though, that I’m not quite as happy with the quality of the wood, or the finish now that I see it in person. So I’m still deciding whether to keep it or not. If I don’t I will have to wait at least two months to have one made.

I got a great deal on a piece of soapstone for the counter top. I absolutely love it! I need too seal it though to get the lovely black colour. Right now it’s lighter grey, which is quite nice, but I want the deeper colour to come out and contrast with the white veining in it.

The lights are integrated LED wall sconces. This means that the bulbs never have to be changed and should last 20 years. They are super bright, but we put them on a dimmer so the lighting level is adjustable.

I love the faucets, with the simple contemporary design and black finish. I decided to get wall-mounted, single lever controlled.

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Tub in, but no drain

Unfortunately, the manufacturer didn’t send all the parts. We are waiting for sink drains, the hose for the hand held shower, a tap ring, and a tub drain- hard to believe. This is how it often goes though. It makes for an unhappy contractor.

If anyone has a question regarding the reno please contact me through my web site. I’ll keep you updated on how it progresses. I still have all the other flooring and rooms to finish upstairs.

Have a great February. There is only 6 weeks left until spring- yahoo!


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