The Joy Of Dining At A Table

Hi Friends. With Easter just ten days away, I was inspired to blog about dining rooms. I assume that alot of us will be having a special Easter dinner at some point. It seems that dining rooms are a neglected area of the home. Often they end up becoming a storage area because they aren’t used enough. I hope today’s blog will inspire you to reconnect with the enriching practice of dining with family and friends.

Weather they be simple…

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 or grand…

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they all have a table, seating and lighting. Most of us can manage that, and make the most of what we have, with a little inspiration, motivation, and, sometimes help.

Space:  Sometimes space is a scarce commodity, but if you have a home, I know you have a place to sit and eat. Just make it a dedicated place for dining, and make it special. Make sure you have room to walk behind the chairs, even when people are seated. When space doesn’t allow for a table and chairs another option you can use is a banquette or bench, placed up against the wall. Then you only need a traffic zone behind one side of the table instead of two.

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Table and Seating: There are many shapes and sizes, styles and materials for dining tables. You get the most seating from a rectangular table because you don’t have alot of space in the center as a round or square table. But make sure you measure your room, allow for any storage pieces you may need, and get the largest table you can fit in most comfortablly. And try to get comfortable chairs, paying attention to seat hight. They don’t all have to match. Having different chairs at the ends of a rectangular table adds interest.

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Lighting: Lighting can add a wonderful atmosphere to a space. People often underestimate it’s importance in any room. There are unlimited options for lighting, and it does’t even have to be a traditional chandelier over the table. Just make sure you don’t have a gloomy, dim atmosphere.

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Storage: It’s great to have storage for dishes and linens, cutlery and candles, and other things. It’s great, but certainly not essential to enjoyment of a dining space. There are numerous ways to add storage besides going out and buying expensive storage pieces, from refinishing old cabinets to repurposing storage cabinets from other rooms.

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Decor: One thing you should do in order to obtain a great looking diningroom is to go beyond painted walls. There are many different finishes for your walls.  Or plan out a wall of artwork and turn it into a gallery.Window treatments can also cozy up a space. There is a ton of inspiration found on Pinterest and in blogs and magazines.

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Well, I hope you all are inspired to look at your dining room and envision what you would like it to look like. It should suit your home and suit your personality. Have a great weekend!

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