‘The Holiday’- Maximum Pampering With Modern Simplicity

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Thanks to http://cotedetexas.blogspot.ca/2008/07/holiday-houses_15.html for some of the photos.

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Elements of the Design:

In contrast to last week’s bedroom from ‘The Proposal’, Cameron Diaz’s California bedroom from ‘The Holiday’ features a monocromatic palet of serene greys. It has a sumptuous feel, but is more simple and restrained in its decor. It is spacious and has every smart home feature available for enhanced comfort.This bedroom should provide a peaceful, zen-like retreat from Amanda’s crazy, high-stress career, but it’s modern, luxury details end up providing a retreat for Iris instead.

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The Devil is in the Details:

One of the highest luxuries is space. Amanda’s bedroom has plenty of space for this cozy day bed and TV area, tucked into a corner of the room, across from the bed. Again, the neutral colours of the fabrics, and the dark woods create an understated, simplicity, reminiscent of a Balinese beach home.

Another bespoke detail of the bedroom is the wired design. You can open and close the window coverings at the touch of a button (installed right in the nightstand). A great sound system is also right next to the bed so you can wake up to energizing music. The intercom also allows you to let guests enter the property, and you don’t have to get out of bed for anything!

This seating area for two is across from the daybed. It balances the furnishings arrangement and makes it even more of a suite than a bedroom. Simple, white slip-covers continue the look. The colours of the drapes and bedspread are off, they are not blue, but grey.

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Take Away Lesson: 

I love the way everything just fits. That is what bespoke design is about- everything fits because of the design, and because of the measurements. Don’t ever put things in a design unless they are the right size for the space. The bed just fits nicely between the windows, and the chairs, though small, fit in front of the windows. The daybed is more generous in scale, but it fits the space. Always measure! I also like the generous size of the bedside tables and how they fit so well under the windows, they don’t look chinsy and small.

Create a Scene:

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Start with a luxurious shag rug


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Get the largest bed that fits the space. Measure!


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Nightstand, Crate & Barrel

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West Elm daybed

Pile it high with down

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round tables, West Elm










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slipcovered chairs, Crate & Barrel


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