The Holiday, Iris’ Bedroom

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This is the add that Iris posted on line for potential house trades. The charming English country cottage has loads of charm and is a huge contrast to Amanda’s sophisticated, spacious, LA home, with all the bells and whistles. The only bell and whistle this cottage has is the doorbell and the tea kettle. But it is a quirky and well loved home that you could just snuggle up in. And it is just what Amanda needed to really get out of her rut.


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 Elements of the Design:

This is quintessential English country decor, minus an overuse of busy prints in fabrics and wallpaper. Traditional rustic features include the ‘old’ stone wall, wood beams and lintels, bespoke cabinetry, a charming fireplace and woodplank floors. These architectural elements form an envelope for a group of mismatched odds and ends that form a very comfortable, lived- in cocoon. The beautiful antique iron bed takes centre stage and is footed with an asian bamboo bench. The whole room exudes comfort in a rustic setting; a place to set things, a place to sit, storage pieces, and the modern convenience of a small TV.


the holiday, interior design, set design  

The Devil is in the Details: 

Nothing says sophistication like tasteful artwork. Iris’  house shows it’s owner to be a sophisticated and intellegent woman. Iris has an abundance of artwork in her bedroom, grouped on walls and layered on dressers. In other rooms of the house she has piles of books. The absolute tidyness of such a small space is essential, as is a very disciplined approach to your wardrobe.

Takeaway Lesson:

It is always important to measure, but in a small room it is absolutely essential. The pieces may not match, but they all fit, they are all the right scale, and they all look great.

Repitition is also important an important element in this design. The beauiful ochre colour in the stonework is repeated in the dresser beside the chair, in the wall paint, the rug and the artwork. The ochre is complimented with soft blue in the chair, lampshades and bedside table. A few shots of red in the lamp, bedspread, throw and dresser inject an oriental note, espesially with the laquered bench at the end of the bed. Although the colour scheme seems like an afterthought because of the predominance of ochre, it really is important in relating all the separate elements. As a nice counterbalance to the colours white is generously employed in the bed the woodwork, artwork and lamps.

Create a Scene:

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Some of the major pieces to get you started.


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