‘Something’s Gotta Give’- But Not My Beautiful Retreat

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 Hola Amigos! I just returned from a week in paradise, AKA Punta Cana, and that’s how they say hello friends! I wish I could bring their balmy tropical climate here, as well as the beautiful hotel room we stayed in. Oh well, some things just don’t translate, like putting a tropical building in a Canadian climate. The bedroom from Somethings Gotta Give would translate a little better, even though it is inspired by New England beach themes. After all, they do get some wayward weather in Long Island.


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 Elements of the Design: 

The multi-paned windows, casual area rugs, bleached out colours, and comfy, mismatched furniture all shape the New England coastal theme. Erika’s (Diane Keaton) home is a virtual cocoon of tranquility and charm, but all is not well in this paradise, when Harry (Jack Nicholson) enters the picture. He is dating Erika’s much younger daughter, and needs to be nursed back to health from a heart attack. But who couldn’t survive that situation when you have such a loveley bedroom in which to destress. And that’s what coastal decor is all about-bringing the colours and feel of the shore inside to create and peaceful, relaxed space.

The first thing that stands out is the lack of prints in fabrics. All the fabrics are solid neutral tones, mimicking the colours of sand and seashells. The fun stripes in the area rug and the squares of colour in the throw are the only prints, and they are very simple in design. Nothing is matched either, so even though some pieces are formal in design (two of the chairs and one side table, and the desk) the feel is like it just is a collection that came together over time to make a homey, informal space.

The colours are perfect too. The pale, clear blue of the walls , off-white trim, fabrics and furnishings contrast with the dark wood floors and various hard furnishings. Even though nothing is too matchy, it is a very disciplined colour scheme; pale blue, off whites, dark wood tones and natural sea grasses.

I love that her office area is so casually cluttered, and yet simple and spacious.

And wouldn’t it be a great way to design closet or ensuite doors- with French doors and drapery panels on either side? Sometimes those doors can look unattractive.


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 The Devil is in the Details:

In the photo below the lighting isn’t quite as yellow as in the above photos, because this is daylight and not artificial lighting. The whites look not nearly so yellow as above, and the rug looks more sandy coloured, as does the chair. I love the art work above the fireplace. It just enriches and elevates the importance of the space.

The contrasts come not from the colours but from the furnishings. The chair and ornate table by the door add a feminine, boudoire touch, as opposed to the slightly masculine feel of the office area.


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 I think the simple headboard and bedding just opens the room up and keeps it so understated and casual. The painting above the bed is quite nice too. It’s interesting that in all four bedrooms that we’ve looked at this month the bed has been placed between two windows. The seagrass blinds continue the theme and adds some texture.

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Take Away Lesson:

When selecting colours it’s very important to test the colours in every type of lighting. You may or may not like the way the colour looks in artificial lighting. You need to take into account the time of day you use the room the most as well. Choose your colour scheme to support the style you are trying to achieve and be very disciplined about sticking to it.

Create a Scene:

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