New Beginnings

Throughout your life you will have many new beginnings, and some will require you to make changes in your home, how it functions and the way it looks. A dramatic change in your life – a new baby, a marriage, separation, kids leaving home, will cause you to feel differently and live differently. It follows that your home will need to express your new life, and function for your new needs. Doing your best to make these changes will make these transitions far more enjoyable. It can be a bit like trying to fit a round peg in a square hole when you try to just manage with the way it is, a little bit frustrating.

Hiring a professional interior decorator or designer is a wise decision for many reasons. First of all, a professional can help you make the changes you want with fantastic, stylish results. Why not start your new role in life expressing the image that reflects your unique personality and situation.  Having a home that functions well, and also inspires you to want to wake up and face the day is worth the investment.

Second, it can be a complicated matter to make seemingly minor changes in your home. One room runs into another, and one change effects something else, so that your end up piecing together elements as you go, and you can’t remember what the original vision was at all. A professional decorator can help you make the required changes with a plan so that you know the best way to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Third, as you have probably heard, your home is probably one of your largest investments. Treat it well and it will reward you with an exponential increase in value.

Fourth, do you have the experience or the time to do what is essentially a full time job in addition to what you are already doing? Hiring a professional gets a proper job done in a relatively short time. You will get good and honest trades people working on your home. There are many horror stories about renovations gone wrong because of dishonest or inept contractors. You will also get someone to hunt down all the many elements that go into renovating a home, making sure they arrive on time so there are no slow ups on the job.

It seems appropriate to talk about new beginnings in January. But it doesn’t have to be a major change in your life that allows you to alter your dwelling. Sometimes an overhaul is just long overdue. The years pass, and you don’t realize that it’s been 10 years since you painted or changed the carpet, and it’s looking a little tired and shabby. A renovation or even a spruce up can be just what you’ve been waiting for. Enjoy your home. It has more to offer than you realize.

master bathroom, renos, bedrooms

My long overdue overhaul- a new master en suite


Wall-mounter faucets, soaker tub, master bath

The Tub Will Go Here With Wall-Mounted Faucets


Stay  tuned to see the finished results…



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