A Long Pause in the Reno

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Glass shower enclosure


After a wait of almost 4 weeks we got our glass shower enclosure. The tape is still on it. We have been able to use the tub (bliss), sinks and toilet, but no mirror yet. That has to be custom made with holes for the faucets and lights. As you can see, we need trim and doors as well.





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We’re getting there


2 steps forward and one big step back. The master bedroom was starting to look good, but now is empty so that the carper can be removed for the hardwood.







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Waiting to have the carpet removed


The second bedroom is empty for the same reason, but this room will be an office for two.







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Third bedroom emptied


The third bedroom is also emptied. We did leave a few larger pieces of furniture that would be too heavy or cumbersome to move, so hopefully they can be worked around. I did empty all drawers and closets as well. This should make moving the furniture left a little easier.






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Ceilings to be redone


The ceilings have never been redone. This is very important for the update. We will shift some of the lights too so that they are centred properly.



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Stairs and railing to be remodeled


We will cap the stairs with hardwood and paint the railing. Then we will add a beautiful wool runner down the stairs. The landing will be the bare wood, thus taking care of the dirt and grime that always gets on the bottom landing and step from people using it to put on their shoes.






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This is where all the stuff went to empty the rooms

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Trying to keep some sense of order amid the chaos

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So much stuff!

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I look like a hoarder!









You get the idea. It has to be bad before it gets great. I think we will be living like this for at least 3 weeks! Ahhhh!!! First the ceilings need to be done, and then the floors and stairs, doors and trim. I just want it done before May 12, when hubby turns 60! Lots of exclamation marks in this one, but that’s a reflection of the situation. I will keep you updated. I also have to add that what has been done so far is like a sneak preview. Very exciting. All will be well 🙂


Wishing you a happy spring,





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