Interior Design for Down Sizers

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Downsizing your home does not mean downsizing your quality of life. We just have less square footage and fewer items in our space (hopefully). Lets just say you have taken the first step and sold your large home. Secondly, you have acquired a new address sized for one or two people. Third, you have assessed your new space and are now going through your belongings, deciding what to keep and what to part with, or you may have already done this and are moved into your new home. If you have moved in you may be realizing that you are not quite satisfied with having to give up the space you had. So, is this just the way it is? Do I have to get used to this? No. Not at all.

Lets just look at why you may be nostalgic for your old home. First, some of your old pieces may not be fitting in your new digs properly. They may be a little too large scale. Second, you may feel that you are too crowded in the smaller home, or third, you miss some of the items you had to part with. Your home doesn’t have to feel like a pair of shoes one size too small. What you may need is someone to rethink your layout, and assess how you are using each furniture item. Just because a chest of drawers was used as a dresser before does not mean it can’t double as a night stand. A credenza can also be use in a dining room to house many things besides just dishes. Here is a list of things that can help make your new home into a space that functions properly and fits just right.

  1. Do I feel crowded or are some things in my way? Consider traffic patterns. Make sure there is enough space to move comfortably from one zone to another. You may need a new furniture layout, or you may need to do further editing.
  2. Am I able to do the activities I like? Consider the things you like to do in your home and make a list of the items you need to accomplish these things. You may be able to re-purpose a piece of furniture or obtain a new piece that does double duty. New lighting may also be needed to do those things, like reading, crafting or puzzling etc.
  3. Does my furniture look right in here? Assess the furniture you have. Is it too big? Maybe instead of a second bed, a pullout sofa bed would be a better option, freeing up space and doing double duty as an extra seating area.
  4. Does your new home reflect your personality and is it a space that you are happy to be in? We all need to express ourselves, and what better way than colour and design? A beautiful colour on the walls, some fabrics or wallpaper can add so much character and style to your new home. It can make separate pieces into a cohesive design, and change a shell of walls into a lovely sanctuary.
  5. Lastly, could I use some professional help? A decorator can look objectively at your home and help to transform it to fit your needs and lifestyle, as well as help to create a design that welcomes and inspires.

The following are pictures from  They show how creative planning can make a small home beautiful and comfortable, and a space anyone would be proud to invite friends and family. Best wishes to all who are downsizing. I hope this period of your life offers fresh opportunities and enrichment for you.

Hamilton Interior Decorator, interior design

Your kitchen counter may do double duty for desk or crafts table with the proper lighting

Design for retirement, Hamilton Designer

A small kitchen-dining area can have great impact, and double as a games area.

fabrics, colour, design, decor

Fabrics and colour create a joyful, comfortable space.

downsizing, grimsby interior decorators

For those times you just need to take it easy.


drapes, hamilton interiors decorators

Beautiful drapes add drama and personality to this compact living room.

grimsby decorators, dining rooms, downsizing, small spaces

A charming dining room using textured walls and fabrics.

The Joy Of Dining At A Table

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Hi Friends. With Easter just ten days away, I was inspired to blog about dining rooms. I assume that alot of us will be having a special Easter dinner at some point. It seems that dining rooms are a neglected area of the home. Often they end up becoming a storage area because they aren’t used enough. I hope today’s blog will inspire you to reconnect with the enriching practice of dining with family and friends.

Weather they be simple…

diningrooms, diningroom decor, niagara decorators

 or grand…

diningroom decor, interior design, hamilton decorators

they all have a table, seating and lighting. Most of us can manage that, and make the most of what we have, with a little inspiration, motivation, and, sometimes help.

Space:  Sometimes space is a scarce commodity, but if you have a home, I know you have a place to sit and eat. Just make it a dedicated place for dining, and make it special. Make sure you have room to walk behind the chairs, even when people are seated. When space doesn’t allow for a table and chairs another option you can use is a banquette or bench, placed up against the wall. Then you only need a traffic zone behind one side of the table instead of two.

dining room decor, St. Catherines decorators, decorating diningrooms

Table and Seating: There are many shapes and sizes, styles and materials for dining tables. You get the most seating from a rectangular table because you don’t have alot of space in the center as a round or square table. But make sure you measure your room, allow for any storage pieces you may need, and get the largest table you can fit in most comfortablly. And try to get comfortable chairs, paying attention to seat hight. They don’t all have to match. Having different chairs at the ends of a rectangular table adds interest.

interior decorators hamilton, diningroom design,  diningroom furniture

Lighting: Lighting can add a wonderful atmosphere to a space. People often underestimate it’s importance in any room. There are unlimited options for lighting, and it does’t even have to be a traditional chandelier over the table. Just make sure you don’t have a gloomy, dim atmosphere.

diningroom lighting, diningroom design, interior decorators

Storage: It’s great to have storage for dishes and linens, cutlery and candles, and other things. It’s great, but certainly not essential to enjoyment of a dining space. There are numerous ways to add storage besides going out and buying expensive storage pieces, from refinishing old cabinets to repurposing storage cabinets from other rooms.

painting furniture, diningrooms, interior design

Decor: One thing you should do in order to obtain a great looking diningroom is to go beyond painted walls. There are many different finishes for your walls.  Or plan out a wall of artwork and turn it into a gallery.Window treatments can also cozy up a space. There is a ton of inspiration found on Pinterest and in blogs and magazines.

interior decorating, wood walls, diningrooms

Well, I hope you all are inspired to look at your dining room and envision what you would like it to look like. It should suit your home and suit your personality. Have a great weekend!

What do I do First In My Decorating Plan?

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     Happy Friday. I have to say that I am changing things up a bit. I decided to feature a Pinterest photo and discuss some decorating ‘how to’ info. Someone recently asked me a question, and it is one that I have heard before. So I decided to share this with you.

living rooms, interior decorating, interior decorators

     People ask me all the time about what the order of decorating is. For example, if they are redoing their home with new flooring, paint and window treatments they will want to know if they should paint first or lay the flooring first, and should they select the fabric for the drapes first, or the paint? Well, there is a standard order to follow that works very well.

1. The flooring is ideally the first thing to start with. There are a few reasons for this:

First, the flooring is likely the most expensive item, and therefore the most permanent.

Second, it grounds everything and so, is very important.

Third, flooring is often chosen for practicality or the way we live, for example, if someone has mobility issues they may not want carpeting, or if they have a dog they may not want hardwood. This being the case, it needs to be decided on before the fun stuff.

On top of all this, installing flooring is a big, messy and disruptive process. It should be done first so we aren’t worried about the walls being scuffed or the window treatments getting dusty and soiled.

I include carpeting or area rugs in this category. Of course there isn’t an installation issue, but the other reasons apply. It is much, much easier to match paint colours and fabric swatches to a rug than it is to match a carpet to everything else in the room. We start with the area rugs, get ones that we love, and let them influence our other selections. It is best though to have an idea or vision of what you want the space to look and feel like before selecting the floor coverings. This is very important, and you can see why it is a good thing to have professional help, unless you know what you want, and know how to achieve it. This is what should happen, but I know from experience that we often have furnishings that we don’t want to change, and yet we want an area rug that we just couldn’t afford before. You can find the right one, but it is much more difficult and limiting.

2. The second item to take care of on your decorating plan should be furniture, if you are getting new furniture, and then window treatments. It is a good idea to get fairly neutral furniture fabrics, since furniture is also something that you won’t change as often as say, paint and accessories. You can add colour, pattern and character through cushion fabrics and throws. There are always exceptions for feature pieces that are important to the design. Drapery fabrics can be anything you want them to be, and there are thousands of fabrics to choose from.

3. The last selection, (before accessories of course) is the paint or wall treatments. That’s because you have unlimited choices. You can match to whatever you have fairly easily. And a good painter will not get paint on anything he’s not suppose to. I should note that, although the window treatments have been selected, they should not be installed before painting (or they will have to be taken down again).

I hope this makes the decorating process seem a little less overwhelming. It does re-inforce that it takes alot of planning and knowledge to get a well designed space. Each of these elements could be a blog in itself quite easily. Maybe I will be inspired to do that in the next few weeks.


You’ve Got Mail- Retro-Chic Charm

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Meg Ryan’s brownstone in You’ve Got Mail

 livingroom decor, interior design, colours

 I have always loved Kathleen Kelley’s  brownstone apartment in the 1998 movie ‘You’ve Got Mail’, starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. I can’t believe it’s 16 years ago! It still looks very charming though. It looks light-filled, cozy and bespoke. You don’t often hear that term used to apply to home decor, but it just means that it is tailored, or made to suit. It’s partly because of the built -in bookcases and window seat, but also because of the paint colours and fabrics, and furniture. The colour scheme is maily creamy white and white with honey toned woods and teal green accents. It looks a little Scandinavian-country in design.

Lincoln interior decorator, set design, paint colours

Elements of Design:

Here we see the open concept bedroom space. Kathleen Kelly’s personality shines through in the array of prints and quilts and piles of books. Some yellows and pinks are dabbled through the fairly nuetral palette, just to bring a cheery touch. The distressed cabinet adds a shot of pretty colour and style. This end of the apartment doesn’t have wainscoting, but still has the deep baseboards.

Scandinavian colour scheme, fabrics, decorating

At the other end of the apartment we see the sofa vingette. Another pretty print on the slip cover, and more on the cushions. It all looks very feminine. The daisies are Kathleen’s favourite flower, and they look right at home here, adding a casual, cheerful presence. Now we also see the rich wainscotting. It is painted the same colour as the off white wood trim and cupboards. The wall above is cream, creating a light and spacious feel. Simple sheer curtains were used throughout, allowing the beautiful woodwork to be seen.

kitchens, retro desing, designers

I love the retro kitchen. It’s tiny but it packs alot of style. In New York, unless you have a substantial housing budget, you have to make the best of a small kitchen. And it can work for one person at a time. I love the old stove. And it goes great with the checkerboard tiles. The colours are perfect, and perhaps form the starting point for the apartment’s colour scheme.

retro kitchen design, small kitchens, paint colours

This is another shot of the kitchen. You would almost think you were in Paris or Rome with it’s old world charm. The window definitely amps up the charm factor. The little distressed table and the white enamelware tins take it into retro-country. Accessories play a big role in the decor. The soft peach walls and teal accents look fresh, and coordinate with the floor tiles. The French doors, seen in the foreground add old world charm. The woodwork is fabulous in this apartment, and you can see a little of the floral motif behind the glass door. These rosettes in the middle of the door frames is something that we saw in Sherlock Holmes’ brownstone as well.


The Devil is in the Details:

Here we see the rosette in a closer photo, and the amazing woodworking detail. We also get a small glimpse of the bathroom. All we can see is the lovely sink cabinet with the old style latches, marble countertop, and pretty sconces. There is a floral theme in the decor, seen in most of the artwork, the fabrics, the woodwork, and in the vase seen in the photo above.

Take Away Lesson:

When coming up with a decorating plan take your cues from the permanent fixtures. In this case cream and white creates an envelope for  traditional decor accented with the same teal that is found in the kitchen floor tiles. Going with a traditional decor flows from the beautiful woodwork and 19th century architectural elements of the brownstone style.

Most importantly, go with what you like and feel comfortable with. As we saw in last week’s blog, Sherlock’s brownstone followed a completely different design plan, creating a tension between the traditional elements of the brownstone and the modern, iconic furnishings. That suited his character in a way that Kathleen Kelly’s home never would- two completely different stories.






‘Elementary’- Is Anything But Elementary

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This is my part two of the Sherlock series. I promise next week will be something more mainstream, as in pretty. I just had to do a comparison of the two shows, Sherlock and Elementary. I find the set designs very artistic, even if a little ugly (or a lot).

Elements of the Design:

First of all it has to be noted that this is a spacious brownstone home with alot of charm and historic, architectural detailing. As you can see you can put almost anything in it and it still looks tasteful. Well, that’s what one might think from a quick glance at the photos. In fact, there are some very pricey iconic designer pieces here, even though it may seem like a motley collection of hand-me-downs. I think the idea is that the furnishings are the remenants from previous owners. Sherlock is just a guest in his father’s investment property, and it isn’t really like a home at all. I think this speaks of Sherlock’s lack of interest in his surroundings. His high intellect is only taken with solving the dramatic and seemingly unsolvable puzzles of the city’s crimes. So it is by accident that Sherlock’s surroundings are so interesting. In some ways it looks like he just moved in and still hasn’t got everything in order.


What makes the design so interesting and edgey? Well, for one, it’s the iconic designer lamps and furniture. Secondly, is the contrast of the modern pieces with the traditional architecture and rugs. Thirdly would be the starkness of the interior, with the feel of an industrial warehouse space. We see that there is plenty of seating, but little in the way of tables and pretty objets d’art. Everything has a purpose and almost and industrial feel except the rug, sofa and one or two lamps. There is a warmth to the space, however, and this is from the colour palette, the books, the soft furnishings and the rug.

tumblr_mjf7m3BTzv1ri1p5ro1_500The Devil is in the Detail:

I just love the grid of locks. These are here for Sherlock to practice his lock-picking skills, but it also becomes a fantastic art installation, especially against the paint-peeled wall. Actually, the wall itself is a piece of art, telling a tale of history, resillience and character. It makes a very cool vingette with the oriental rugs, the modern desk, the piles of books, and the comfortable retro chair. Of course lighting is one of the most important elements of decor, and there is an abundance and variety of fantastic lighting, creating a wonderful abience.

Take Away Lesson:

In both variations of Sherlock Holmes Sherlock lives in a slightly dilapidated, but historical building. The decor in both is evidence of similar character traits, but the decors are different as well. In the British production everything seems slightly older and, of course, more compact.  This may speek to the general reality that living is more compact in London than in New York. Contrasts can create interest and be dynamic. In spite of what it may look like, you cannot throw a bunch of random pieces together, no matter how much you like them, and have a great design. It takes planning, and it takes discipline. You have to have a vision and a goal.

Create a Scene:

If you want to create this look in your space there are alot of items available today. Design Within Reach has great mid-century modern pieces. Restoration Hardware has a line of industrial design pieces. And you can always go hunting at antique stores, flea markets, auctions and second hand stores to create your own look. It’s a great way to use your own creativity.

Have a great March Break!   


‘Sherlock’- Edgey Victorian?

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Well, I really have my doubts that this installment will interest my readers, but I just can’t help myself.  I just want to feature the sets of Elementary and Sherlock because there is something very intriguing about them (and I do love the shows). I would never want to have a home that looks like these sets, but I love the way the settings say so much about the characters in the story. Maybe taking a closer look will inspire us to be bolder in showing who we are in our own homes.


sherlock, set design, interior design

Elements of the Design:

First, I have to appoligize for the size of some of the photos. It was very difficult to find photos, and these ones are full size. Moving on, the sets of the BBC series ‘Sherlock’ pay homage to the Victorian era with the patterns and colours and abundant paraphenalia. It isn’t immediately apparent that this is a very large room because it is so busy, and we only see one part of the room at a time. There are three different wallcoverings in this one room! There is a rose and green pattern wallpaper (that I really like), the green paint (or wallpaper), and on the back wall that we can’t see, another wallpaper that is black and white. One wall is very busy being crammed with books, a fireplace and numerous curiousities. Another wall contains two lovely, large windows.

decorating, niagara designers, interiors

 In the above photo we see that the green paint (or is it wallpaper too?) relates to the green colour in the wallpaper of the fireplace wall.

The room is divided into three distinct groupings; the seating area in front of the fireplace, the destk/office area, and the sofa grouping on the other side of the desk. These groupings are simple and spacious,  in contrast to the cluttered surroundings.

What really creates a tension though, is the contrast of the edgy, modern skull artwork, and the graffiti happy face painted in yellow on the same wall just near the floor lamp (hard to see with the light on). Those elements, along with some mid-century modern furniture pieces, inject a very avant guarde vibe in the, otherwise victorian, room. It’s amazing how those few items match the character of Sherlock, someone who is scientific, deals with the fringes of society and sometimes the macabre, and has no care for social veneers.


set design, interior decorators hamilton, desing


In some ways the space is like a labratory, cluttered with useful paraphinalia and learning tools. But it also looks comfortable, with cusions, throws, a fireplace and lots of reading material. Note: though the image below is very small, you can see the skull of a large animal hanging on the wall as an art statement. Again, this is a little macabre and very edgy, in opposition to the Victorian background.


set desing, interior design, sherlock

 Take Away Lesson:

I think you may have to be a fan of the Sherlock series to appreciate this quick look at the set from a design standpoint. However, the main point of this design is told through the art work, and we have certainly seen examples of this in the popularity of skull themes in clothing and jewellry and other items. We have also seen animal trophy themes in decorating for a couple of years. Graffiti has been used on walls for teen bedrooms and in modern art, just not quite as rudimentary as here. Sometimes we can be inspired by something that we don’t neccessarily want to imitate. In next weeks’ blog I hope to look at how they portrayed Sherlock’s home in Elementary.

‘Something’s Gotta Give’- But Not My Beautiful Retreat

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set design, hamilton decorators, interior decorating


 Hola Amigos! I just returned from a week in paradise, AKA Punta Cana, and that’s how they say hello friends! I wish I could bring their balmy tropical climate here, as well as the beautiful hotel room we stayed in. Oh well, some things just don’t translate, like putting a tropical building in a Canadian climate. The bedroom from Somethings Gotta Give would translate a little better, even though it is inspired by New England beach themes. After all, they do get some wayward weather in Long Island.


Movie sets, interior designers, design


 Elements of the Design: 

The multi-paned windows, casual area rugs, bleached out colours, and comfy, mismatched furniture all shape the New England coastal theme. Erika’s (Diane Keaton) home is a virtual cocoon of tranquility and charm, but all is not well in this paradise, when Harry (Jack Nicholson) enters the picture. He is dating Erika’s much younger daughter, and needs to be nursed back to health from a heart attack. But who couldn’t survive that situation when you have such a loveley bedroom in which to destress. And that’s what coastal decor is all about-bringing the colours and feel of the shore inside to create and peaceful, relaxed space.

The first thing that stands out is the lack of prints in fabrics. All the fabrics are solid neutral tones, mimicking the colours of sand and seashells. The fun stripes in the area rug and the squares of colour in the throw are the only prints, and they are very simple in design. Nothing is matched either, so even though some pieces are formal in design (two of the chairs and one side table, and the desk) the feel is like it just is a collection that came together over time to make a homey, informal space.

The colours are perfect too. The pale, clear blue of the walls , off-white trim, fabrics and furnishings contrast with the dark wood floors and various hard furnishings. Even though nothing is too matchy, it is a very disciplined colour scheme; pale blue, off whites, dark wood tones and natural sea grasses.

I love that her office area is so casually cluttered, and yet simple and spacious.

And wouldn’t it be a great way to design closet or ensuite doors- with French doors and drapery panels on either side? Sometimes those doors can look unattractive.


interior decorators, bedroom design, set design


 The Devil is in the Details:

In the photo below the lighting isn’t quite as yellow as in the above photos, because this is daylight and not artificial lighting. The whites look not nearly so yellow as above, and the rug looks more sandy coloured, as does the chair. I love the art work above the fireplace. It just enriches and elevates the importance of the space.

The contrasts come not from the colours but from the furnishings. The chair and ornate table by the door add a feminine, boudoire touch, as opposed to the slightly masculine feel of the office area.


designers hamilton, interior design, set design


 I think the simple headboard and bedding just opens the room up and keeps it so understated and casual. The painting above the bed is quite nice too. It’s interesting that in all four bedrooms that we’ve looked at this month the bed has been placed between two windows. The seagrass blinds continue the theme and adds some texture.


hamilton decorators, bedrooms, interiors

Take Away Lesson:

When selecting colours it’s very important to test the colours in every type of lighting. You may or may not like the way the colour looks in artificial lighting. You need to take into account the time of day you use the room the most as well. Choose your colour scheme to support the style you are trying to achieve and be very disciplined about sticking to it.

Create a Scene:


The Holiday, Iris’ Bedroom

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the holiday, set design, interior design




This is the add that Iris posted on line for potential house trades. The charming English country cottage has loads of charm and is a huge contrast to Amanda’s sophisticated, spacious, LA home, with all the bells and whistles. The only bell and whistle this cottage has is the doorbell and the tea kettle. But it is a quirky and well loved home that you could just snuggle up in. And it is just what Amanda needed to really get out of her rut.


interior design, decorators hamilton, grimsby designers

 Elements of the Design:

This is quintessential English country decor, minus an overuse of busy prints in fabrics and wallpaper. Traditional rustic features include the ‘old’ stone wall, wood beams and lintels, bespoke cabinetry, a charming fireplace and woodplank floors. These architectural elements form an envelope for a group of mismatched odds and ends that form a very comfortable, lived- in cocoon. The beautiful antique iron bed takes centre stage and is footed with an asian bamboo bench. The whole room exudes comfort in a rustic setting; a place to set things, a place to sit, storage pieces, and the modern convenience of a small TV.


the holiday, interior design, set design  

The Devil is in the Details: 

Nothing says sophistication like tasteful artwork. Iris’  house shows it’s owner to be a sophisticated and intellegent woman. Iris has an abundance of artwork in her bedroom, grouped on walls and layered on dressers. In other rooms of the house she has piles of books. The absolute tidyness of such a small space is essential, as is a very disciplined approach to your wardrobe.

Takeaway Lesson:

It is always important to measure, but in a small room it is absolutely essential. The pieces may not match, but they all fit, they are all the right scale, and they all look great.

Repitition is also important an important element in this design. The beauiful ochre colour in the stonework is repeated in the dresser beside the chair, in the wall paint, the rug and the artwork. The ochre is complimented with soft blue in the chair, lampshades and bedside table. A few shots of red in the lamp, bedspread, throw and dresser inject an oriental note, espesially with the laquered bench at the end of the bed. Although the colour scheme seems like an afterthought because of the predominance of ochre, it really is important in relating all the separate elements. As a nice counterbalance to the colours white is generously employed in the bed the woodwork, artwork and lamps.

Create a Scene:

interior design, Hamilton decorators, set design

Some of the major pieces to get you started.


‘The Holiday’- Maximum Pampering With Modern Simplicity

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the holiday, modern country, design 

Thanks to for some of the photos.


bedrooms, decorating, interior design

Elements of the Design:

In contrast to last week’s bedroom from ‘The Proposal’, Cameron Diaz’s California bedroom from ‘The Holiday’ features a monocromatic palet of serene greys. It has a sumptuous feel, but is more simple and restrained in its decor. It is spacious and has every smart home feature available for enhanced comfort.This bedroom should provide a peaceful, zen-like retreat from Amanda’s crazy, high-stress career, but it’s modern, luxury details end up providing a retreat for Iris instead.


Interior design, movie sets, The Holiday


The Devil is in the Details:

One of the highest luxuries is space. Amanda’s bedroom has plenty of space for this cozy day bed and TV area, tucked into a corner of the room, across from the bed. Again, the neutral colours of the fabrics, and the dark woods create an understated, simplicity, reminiscent of a Balinese beach home.

Another bespoke detail of the bedroom is the wired design. You can open and close the window coverings at the touch of a button (installed right in the nightstand). A great sound system is also right next to the bed so you can wake up to energizing music. The intercom also allows you to let guests enter the property, and you don’t have to get out of bed for anything!

This seating area for two is across from the daybed. It balances the furnishings arrangement and makes it even more of a suite than a bedroom. Simple, white slip-covers continue the look. The colours of the drapes and bedspread are off, they are not blue, but grey.



 bedrooms, interior design, the holiday


Take Away Lesson: 

I love the way everything just fits. That is what bespoke design is about- everything fits because of the design, and because of the measurements. Don’t ever put things in a design unless they are the right size for the space. The bed just fits nicely between the windows, and the chairs, though small, fit in front of the windows. The daybed is more generous in scale, but it fits the space. Always measure! I also like the generous size of the bedside tables and how they fit so well under the windows, they don’t look chinsy and small.


Create a Scene:

rugs, interior design, the holiday

Start with a luxurious shag rug


bedroom, the holiday, interior decorators

Get the largest bed that fits the space. Measure!








interior designers hamilton, decorators niagara, movie scenes

Nightstand, Crate & Barrel










set design, the holiday, decor

West Elm daybed



Pile it high with down







interior design, the holiday, designers hamilton

round tables, West Elm










furniture, interior design, set design

slipcovered chairs, Crate & Barrel


‘The Proposal’- A Bedroom to Inspire One

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Welcome to my first blog. I hope it inspires you to dream and plan.

All of my pictures were borrowed from:

February is a month to cozy up, and also maybe enjoy a little romance. We all just want to hibernate during this deep freeze we’ve been coping with. To that end, I thought it would be fun to look at a variety of inspirational bedrooms that you may just recognize. I plan to feature a different one each week for the month that celebrates love (and family day).

Hamilton interior designers


Elements of the Design:

The first bedroom to be featured is from the set of the movie ‘The Proposal’, starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Ithink it’s appropriate to start with a bedroom located in Alaska, considering the temperature outside today as I write this blog.

The decor features sumptuous furnishings, ampley scaled, to suit the spacious and rustic room, with it’s massive fieldstone fireplace and wood panelled walls.

The bed is the feature attraction, with the high wing-back headboard and footboard, set right in front of the large window.

The settee at the foot of the bed injects colour and interest, with it’s large-scaled folk print fabric.

It doesn’t show up well in these photos, but the furniture grouping is cohesively held together with a beautiful wool rug, the colours of the room all being echoed in the woven pattern.

Interesting art pieces adorn walls and furniture. Layers of pillows and fur cushions, loads of soft furnishings and elegant draperies make this room an ideal setting for unexpected romance.

It is also worth noting that this beautiful room is not just eye candy. The window shades and drapes are remote controlled in order to easily control the 20 hours of daylight that can make sleep difficult in the Alaskan summertime.

Interior design, decorators


The Devil is in the Details:

The nailhead footboard adds a nice rustic touch. The absense of tufting on the headboard keeps it from becoming stuffy, or too much.

Alot of the furnishings are mismatched and a little ‘vintage’. Personal framed photos, books and art give the room character.

interior design, drapes, furniture


 Take Away Lesson:

It’s easy to go overboard and change the look entirely if you are not careful.

Even though this movie is from 2010, good design, meaning appropriate and tasteful, is timeless.

This movie shows us that even the frostiest of dispositions can be thawed in a setting like the cozy and luxurious bedroom, featured in ‘The Proposal”.


Make a Scene:

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 This beautiful rug is from Pottery Barn.

 The design begins with this key element.





Williams-Sonoma 'Westport Bed'

Next you add the main focal point, the gorgeous wing-back bed,

covered in a warm-toned neutral fabric.




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Stoney Creek Furniture


 You could use this leather settee and

add print cushions with the following fabrics.





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Fabric, Thread Count








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Robert Allen, Mitca








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Table, Pottery Barn






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Pottery Barn bedside chest








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Lamp, Rejuvenation Lighting